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good night. >> live in benghazi, we will be joining us tomorrow. thank you for watching. the uss mt. whitney say command and control ship that essentially means it can oversee complex operations that the military is involved in. the uss mt. whitney was deployed to haiti as the u.s. played a role in ousting the military junta that took over the country. remember when john mccain said today we are all georgians? that was when russia and the
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nation were having a war and john mccain wanted the u.s. to start fighting russia alongside the georgians? during that war it was the uss mt. whitney that was deployed to deliver aid in georgia and the first ship to reach the port that it went to. mt. whitney is considered the most advanced ship that the u.s. has floated. this is where the u.s. has been running the libyan war out of. between the ship's admiral and the u.s. attorney general, this is where the u.s. has been running the war in libya from. as of last night, the uss mt. whitney we think is not going to be the headquarters for the war anymore. that effort will now be run by nato. both the no-fly zone part and the bombing ground troops part which they call like protecting
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civilians. the uss mt. whitney named after the highest peak will no longer be the place where from which it is run. does that mean they will be doing any less of the war making in libya even if the u.s. military is runing it? answers to those questions are as yet unseen, but here's what president obama promised in an address about libya in washington, d.c. >> to lend perspective on how this response came together, when people were being brutalized in bosnia in the 1990s, it took the international community more than a year to intervene. it took us 31 days and nato has
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taken command of the arms embarko and the no-fly zone. last night nato took on the additional responsibility of protecting civilians this. transfer from the united states to nato will take place on wednesday. they will include intelligence and search andnato-based coalit the risk and cost of this operation to our military and to american taxpayers will be reduced. >> risks and costs to the american taxpayers and the military will be reduced significantly. the u.s. role will shift towards logistical support and communications. in terms of the specifics, today
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brought word that one submarine that has been involved in the effort in libya has been removeed from the area. that is one sign that the u.s. is scaling down. this is still substantially american of 188 air meigs flown over the last 28 hours or so. they revealed that aircraft are being used in the mission and pilots are not just flying mixed wing planes there, but aircraft. with these types of aircraft you can do more specific targeting so as to try to avoid civilian casualties compared to high flying fighters and bombers. as president obama addressed the involvement in the war in libya,
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the multiinternational nature of war, sort of the president's main point, but the u.s. not only would not be in the lead, but the international character of the intervention was a key reason why he committed the u.s. to this at all and why he thought it was a good idea. >> america cannot use the military wherever repression occurs. given the costs and risks, we must measure our interests against the need for action. but that cannot be an argument for never acting. on behalf of what's right. in this particular country, libya at this particular moment, we were faced with the prospect on a horrific scale. they had a unique ability to stop the violence and a mandate for action. a brought coalition prepared to
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join us. the support of arab countries and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. we also have the title stop gadhafi's forces in their tracks without putting american troops on the ground. america's responsibility has a leader and more profoundly our responsibilities to fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a detrayal of who we are. some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. the us of america is different. >> the united states of america is different. he is being very careful to talk about this particular country. this particular moment. then describing very libya-specific reason yes this intervention made sense to him and his calculation of whether or not the u.s. should get
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involved. the precedent. the libya intervention as the beltway over how this justifies the u.s. of american military force. how a president-elected in part because of frankly national revulsion. how this president justifies action of his own. whether or not you like the action in libya, it's clear for why it is justified matches what he said he would do with military force. what he would see as the justifiable use of the u.s. military. it is clear it matches what he said about that issue at the very start of his presidency when in his first year as president, he accepted the nobel peace prize. >> more and more we confront questions about how to prevent the swarm of civilians by their own government.
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the violence and suffering can engulf an entire region. beevth c b stie ty rer heples th he encaedy r. ctn,tan ad to more costly intervention later. that's why all responsible nations must embrace the roll that militaries with a clear mandate can play to keep the peace. america's commitment to global security will never waiver, but in a world in which threats are more diffuse and meigs more complex, america cannot act alone. >> president obama speaking in 2009, america cannot act ooh loan. here he was tonight. >> we're know that the united states is the world's most powerful nation. we will often be called upon to
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help. in such cases, we should not be afraid to act. but the burden of action which shnot be america's alone. >> 2009, america cannot act alone. 2011 it should not be america's alone. whether you are for or against america's participation and intervention like this war in libya, it is the type of intervention this president said at the out set he would favor as president. in terms of why you would not make it the gel to topple the dictator, a lai rack. >> for woo we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter and we would have to put troops on the ground to
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accomplish that mission or risk killing civilians from the air. the dangerous face by the men and women in uniform would be far greater. so would the costs and our share of what comes next. to be blunt, we went down that road in iraq. thanks t and the determination our diplomat, we are hopeful about iraq's future. regime change took eight years and thousands of american and iraqi lives and nearly $1 trillion. that is not something we can afford to repeat in libya. >> nor military-imposed regime change in the context of intervention for other means. that is now the official policy of the united states government. also that throughout the speech tonight, president obama consistently referred to
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soldiers and and using american force and using american persuasion the elevation of the idea of diplomacy and persuasion is the hall mark of this presidency. it was specific and evident tonight. it dove tails with the president's overall point towards the end of his speech. essentially defined international persuasion and leadership as the apex of american strength. the idea that america can intervene in lots of places, but it chooses to intervene in places where it can persuade lots of other countries to come along too. it was a telling moment when president obama's director of intelligence gave his assessment about what was going to happen between gadhafi's forces and the rebels. watch. >> just think from a standpoint of attrition that overtime, this
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is a stalemate back and forth, the longer term that the regime would revail. >> the regime will retrail. gadhafi will win. that was before this international intervention. it was the opinion that gadhafi overtime was going to win. then came intervention. it calls for all necessary measures. the reaction on the ground and the rebel stronghold of benghazi for intervention, cheering in the streets. aze rebels were losing nj back. they referenced directly tonight in terms of the dramatic nature of its tin
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>> wte o mreda benghazi, a city nearly the size of charlotte could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscious of the world. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. i refused to letconsulting, then leadership, i authorized action to stop the killing and enforce. >> a massacre was overted in benghazi a ilibya. what about after that? what then? what is now by all accounts, the only reason the rebels are holding ground in libya and the only reason they are advancing on tripoli tonight is because of that international air power.
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it's not like we stepped in and backed off. the rebels utterly depend on u.s. and coalition support. indefinitely. as long as gadhafi survives. if the coalition left and gadhafi was still there, what do you think would happen to the rebels? their dependence on forces was put in relief on thursday. when people supporting the rebels in benghazi held this thank you rally and coalition in the city of benghazi, what happens now? what happens next? >> i than some americans continue to have questions in libya. gadhafi is not yet stepped down from power. until he does, libya will remain dangerous. more over, even after gadhafi does leave power, 40 years of tyranny as left libya fracture and without strong civil
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institutions. the transition to a legitimate government that is responsive to the libyan people will be a difficult task. while the united states will do our part to help, it will be a task for the international community and more important a test for the libyan people themselves >> the united states wants gadhafi gone. the united states will not use military force to force him out. if gadhafi is ousted the u.s. will participate to stabilize libya, but not lead the efforts n. the meantime, the united states will participate in an open ended intervention to stop gadhafi, but the goal of that mission day to day and the timeline on which it will be carried out are frankly unknown. for all here at home for presidential communication to the nation on this, you got it, america. you got the clearest possible presidential statement about the
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. we accomplish said these objectives at the out set of our military operations. i said that america's role would be limited. we would not put ground troops into libya. we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end and transfer responsibility. we are fulfilling that pledge. >> this american mission in libya has been hard to get your head around. it has been hard to get attacks straight. that in all its glory is next.
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12:21 am
na h naedbo bybere da age being mitch mcconnell on the situation like this. if you even try to say beep about your solemnly held concerns about the war in libya, every single person seeing you talk about it will imagine the word iraq! iraq! iraq! flashing our your head. no wonder he waited this long. the imaginary problem goes for joe lieberman of course and guys like general and iraq war cheerleaders. they are asked to give opinions on the latest war at the conservative think tank called the american enterprise institute they are all in favor for the part of the republican and conservative establishment, they did not like it and no matter the character or the point of the war or the location of the war or anything else going on around it, you can bet
12:22 am
the apartment that if the question is war, the answer requests. for the rest of the republican and conservative establishment that is frankly more animated by a desire to oh, pose president obama than by anything substantive about the grounds on which they would do so. libya has been more of a pickle. you might be reflexively pro war, but what wins? the war reflexes or the i hate democrat reflexes? if they find themselves in this trap, the flappy way out of it looked like this. step one, demand u.s. military intervention in libya! step two, after president obama intervenes, step three, hope no one remembers what you did in step one. the chair in the republican control house.
12:23 am
athe end of february, the u.s. should enforce a no-fly zone in libya. two weeks later we do just that. they did an immediate 180 and questioned why we needed that no-fly zone she used to like the idea of. same for the chairman of the armed serfs committee. after president obama in his words, doing nothing on libya. then president obama announced that and we will intervene that prompted him to come out against his own earlier advice. to decry this intervention in libya that he himself had been demanding. for ease of future reference, these people shall hence forth be known as the gingrich caucus.
12:24 am
>> what are would you do about libya? >> exercise a no-fly zone this evening. >> that's step one. step two after president obama does ver veen? there were a lot of other ways to affect gadhafi. >> chris, it is good to see you. republicans are struggling to find a way to criticize mr. obama on a military decision that they kind of agreed with in the beginning or were demanning before he did it. what is the next step in the struggle? what is the next argument about what the president is doing wrong? >> the next step is going to be very much rooted in what happens in libya. because there was no vote, they were tethered to a position on
12:25 am
this issue. we can play the tape on the rachel maddow show. a lot of other members hedged their bets and if things go poorly, they can attack from any direction they want to and they are not committed supporting it. largely on criticism of the iraq war having voted for it. that is off the table. it's very beneficial to republicans because they can make any possible criticism they want from any direction or tactical direction as long as they think they can make political hay out of it. >> the vote that happened in the senate, the vote that happened in the senate at the beginning of march which was not a use of forth authorization, but you don't think that the unanimous vote will bind senators from
12:26 am
future criticism? >> i definitely don't. i think that their opponents will bring it up and for the most part they will be free lansing they have to negotiate and that's fascinating about the dynamics of this. against the intervention. if you look at the data, the people that are most supported are republicans and the reason is because generally they are pro military intervention and nationalist and believe in american supremacy and have been told for years this is what america has to do. it's a special burden to leave the world. it's very hard to turn on the dime and say that's not the case. they have to negotiate their own constituency as well which will be interesting to see how it develops. my sense is if thing guess poorly, support will drop and they will feel liberated.
12:27 am
>> i wonder if you haven't sketched out the way the right is going to deal with this in the future. they gave a repetitive defense of the idea of multilateralism and the idea that american leadership means diplomacy alongside force and means getting the world to go along with what we want that makes us participate rather than lead things from a military perspective. that is multilateralism and something that republicans, particularly hawkish republicans like to criticize in theory. this is an opportunity for them to go whole hog on the guy and say let's get out of the un? >> yes and it does. the interesting thing is the false choice. he sketched out the isolationist argument to use a brute word. on one side and a more hawkish
12:28 am
argument on the other and said we reject both of those and taking a little path. there some who said we never should have done this. if this drags out and goes poorly, some say we are doing half measures and we shouldn't be taking second seat to france. both of those, there is a tax from both sides of the kind of middle path that the president steched out. >> do you think anything happened in the speech to affect substantively the debate about the president seeking overt authority for what he is going to do in the future or what he has already done? >> do you think anything changes about that or stays as is? >> i was struck that it was not mention and not, lewded to. there was mention of consulting with members of congress. that largely remains enunciate
12:29 am
that's problematic, but i think it's partly -- congress doesn't want to take a vote for all the reasons i mentioned. if you are john boehner, you are happy not having voted on the libya intervention can you say more or less whatever you want and no one is going to throw that vote back in your face. the fact is as much as i think it's problematic creep of the ions, it's on congress whoebrchl are shirking here. they haven't demanded a justification of authority and it's on them to kind of come forward and ask for that if they want to have that argument. >> a key predictive point that the politics have been explained that all of the incentives point away from their being a vote like this in congress. >> absolutely. >> all of the arguments point from the left and the right. that's valuable and predictable.
12:30 am
msnbc contributor and washington editor of the nation and smart man. thank you for joining us. the great republican union-busting overreach of 2011 has been met by a response. it is the great democratic hey, wait a second that has nothing to do with the budget response of 2011. the wisconsin governor redefined victory and in indiana democrats out of the state for more than a month fighting this thing just returned to having sort of won by the fact that they left. now that fight may be coming to washington and the whole story is moving fast. we have the details coming up next. we're america's natural gas.
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here's how you tell the difference between the republican governor and one who just wants to be famous. mitch daniels of indiana appears to take everything about himself seriously including presidential ambitions. having done george w. bush's budget director in an administration that turned a $236 billion surplus into a national deficit in his tenure is not necessarily a fiscal political asset. if you are mitch daniels and dragging that liability around behind you on your hopeful way to the white house, i was w's budget guy. if you are dragging that behind you into a presidential run, you
12:35 am
do not want to have on the other side of your politics a scott walker problem. you do not want to be a lightning rod for everything the democratic base holds dear and had previously forgotten it holds dear. you don't want to be that guy from the left and the right heading into a republican primary let alone an election. mitch daniels wants to be president and not the governor is a way that he and his fellow republicans are caving. they are caving right now and today. in wisconsin the nation was transfixed by the senators leaving to deny the state legislature and scott walker and wisconsin republicans stripped union rights. there is a big update on that, but a week after the wisconsin democrats took off, 39 of 40 of indiana's house democrats took off. they have been in illinois for five weeks, same idea, deny the
12:36 am
legislature so the republicans can't strip union rights and in this case, they can't cut the knees out from public schooling. the indiana democrats are back. they are saying they got most of what they wanted. the indiana legislature convened at 5:00 for the first time in five weeks with actual democrats there. you see the thank you signs for people supporting the legislators. democrats will still vote no on what the republicans are trying to do, but the deal they got for standing firm for five weeks is that mitch daniels's order will not become permanent legislation union yon rights the republicans in the legislature and mitch daniels decided to let the idea of making permanent the union stripping thing and let that good go. the great machine overreach sounded to the democratic base like an alarm clock ringing, waking them up after a long time
12:37 am
of being asleep and taken for granted. to republicans, particularly to republican who is have aspirations for running for big political office, which sounds like an alarm clock, to republicans just sounds like an alarm. big news is next. [ horn honks ] now we're hittin' the road with the proglide challenge! my friend, come on up. what kind of a razor do you use? the fusion. yeah, you got one. it feels great. you think there's a better razor out there? i sure haven't found one. it's a face-off! fusion vs. proglide. fusion proglide is engineered with gillette's thinnest blades ever so it glides for less tug and pull. fantastic. i don't feel like i'm shaving. ooo i got a smooth face, i got a clean face.
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>> per for a generation, the democratic party has taken a lot of its base for granted. on the issue of abortion, democrats bragged about how they get pro life officials elected. assuming that they are pro choice and keep voting for democrats even though they haven't been giving them any reason to do so. the senatorial campaign sent out a mailer as you can see. it is headlined by senator barbara boxer, a fund-raising i mail to keep the senate democratic in part on the basis of republicans going after abortion rights at the federal level. it remains to be seen whether a
12:41 am
pro choice base used to being thrown under the bus will respond to fund-raising attempts like this, but i think it's an unanswered question whether the republicans are going to have electoral trouble with the issue too. there has been a big coordinated antiabortion push in the states with republican legislatures and governors. we reported on this show about a small conservative and small government republican opposition to the push. in places like wyoming where the libertarian-minded conservatism is not just a beltway construct that doesn't translate to policy. where republicans get up on the floor of the legislature and argue against this big government proposal to force the government into your doctor's appointment and to give doctors a script to trod patients regardless of the doctor's own medical opinion. now you have got this democratic party in this senate fund-raising letter attacking the republicans for saying they were focused on jobs, jobs, jobs
12:42 am
and what they are working on is abortion, abortion, abortion. icate shepherd high lies the disconnection on abortion issues on the right goes so far as to include a move by republican congressman cliff sterns of florida who along with most of the republicans in the house voted to defund planned parent hood, she reports on a move by this same guy to avertly spend prl taxpayer money to directly support the antiabortion quack fake medical clinics that try to trick women into believing they can get a abortion and subject them to hectoring masquerading as medical care. the crisis centers, you have heard of these. in 2006 when they investigated what they do, they found 20 of the 23 they investigated provided false or misleading information about the health effects of abortion. regardless of how you feel about
12:43 am
them, how republicans moving to give federal taxpayer money to them? to spend taxpayer monocrisis pregnancy centers? that complicates not just the jobs message, but the cutting spending message. here's another republican message. in wisconsin, scott walker has made the idea that wisconsin is broke. the union stripping invention. he called his bill a budget repair bill. remember? the governor consistent touted his issue because he had to do the hard work to cut kiss oncin's budget. his budget would cut state spending by 6%. the journal sentinel reports that according to a report from the nonpartisan fiscal bureau, his budget will increase state spending by 1%. not only is his union stripping
12:44 am
thing not about the budget, his budget is not about the budget. the republican party set up scott walker to be a national hero. i think they thought it would have been a popular fight for the governor to have picked. wisconsin was against the governor. he lost the argument in terms of public opinion and the means by which he was having to get this through were desperate to the point of comical. they passed the union stripping by taking it out of what had been a budget bill and calling it non-risk issal and passing it in a rush at night while democrats said it was illegal. they sued on procedural grounds and a judge grounded a temporary restraining order preventing the secretary of state from preventing the law from taking effect. the republican senate leader in wisconsin went around the judge's ruling and just had the law published anyway. somewhere else by a different state agency that doesn't do that.
12:45 am
even the head that was agency said he does not think them publishing it means it's the law. they said i don't think this act makes it become effective. my understanding is that the secretary of state has to publish it in the newspaper. regardless the walker administration just says it is taking it as law and deciding it's law. over that judge's ruling over the opinion of the agency they got to fake publish it. they call it law and start enforcing it or try to. the associated press reporting that goff for walker's administration started taking steps to reflect the new law that the governor said even though it doesn't seem true. house republicans at the federal level are considering voting on their own union stripping bill this week and affect employees in aviation and in rail. when presented with evidence of how the union thing worked out
12:46 am
in wisconsin, if you were a republican strategist, would you take this fight national right now? senior politics reporter at huffing 51 rton post has been covering the union-stripping agenda, nice to have you here. despite the show of support for union rights in wisconsin and across the midwest, national republicans want to take this to d.c. what does it electric like? >> like you said, they are going right now after air and rail workers. the way it works is if you top the form a union, you need a majority of the worker who is turn out to vote. the way republicans would like to do it and the way it has been, you need to get a majority of all worker who is don't turn out to vote. if you don't turn out to vote, i are voting no. imagine if mitt romney runs against broarack obama, you are
12:47 am
essentially voting for barack obama. how hard would it be for mitt romney to win? >> in terms of how it will proceed, this is being done as part of the faa reauthorization bill. the expectation with the senate and the democratic control would vote against the faa reauthorization because of this anti-union language. are they setting it up for a veto here? >> the house by a congress named john micah who received a lot of money from the airline industry. it's likely to pass the house. the senate like you said is where it might get held up. tom harkin and jay rockefeller had a lot of power and both said they are against what the republicans are trying to do. if it gets to the president's desk, he has to decide f. it has this prosigz, is he going to veto it and make a lot of republicans mad and make moderates mad or is he going to
12:48 am
sign it and really alienate his supporters? >> in terms of the support on both sides about this, what do we know about how democrats are strategizing and how the unions are strategizing against this? do you expect from your reporting on this that there is going to be the kind of in the streets mobilization we have seen in the states around this federal issue? >> if we see that the federal level, it will be because of the grass roots support. there is more interest and more focus from the media, from democrats and progressive activists than i have seen in years. this is because of what's happening in wisconsin and ohio. we are seeing people travel across state lines. if labor activists make this a big enough deal at the federal level, we can see the activists coming to the capital and protesting. >> what i have seen over the course of my lifetime, looking at democratic politics is when,
12:49 am
particular issues that affect the base bubble up from the states and localities and bubble up from real politics is when the national party has the strongest basis on which to take those issues into a national mobilization. they try to do stuff top down to be effective. they are sort of building from the bottom of the pyramid. the senior politics reporter, it's great to have you here on this. thanks for helping us >> thank you. >> apparently liberals misunderstand the koch brothers. that surprising report coming up and on this show, the great state of maine could not stop himself. he said he would stop himself, but that darn art showing people who work for a living wouldn't stop annoying him. an update on mural gate which is also not about the budget. stay with us. the best approach to food
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a political overreach happens quickly. it's imparns. why overreaches overreach and not just reach. here's what that looks like in the great state of maine. paul le page was elected on the power of 38% of the vote in a
12:54 am
three-way race. over the weekend at the order of 38% of the vote, governor le page do you meaning the history of labor in the state of maine, this mural was disappear and what the room used to electric like while the mural was up. now it looks like this. the spackle is decorative. last week a spokesman said the neural would remain in the barren room until the governor 38% administration founded a new home. this week apparently they just changed their mind. pesectasang t mrais ige ngrecaon asiin department of las to be focused on the job at hand. focused on the job at hand which is spending the weekend taking down art the governor doesn't agree with.
12:55 am
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>> this is what the control room looks like. i'm a puppet who says things that the puppets say in this room. not yet. control rooms aree than control regulatory commissions simulato. they found that the they found that the sifts took this photos took thi two years ago. ago. the reactor was the reactor operating at 100% hour. l th n they used red circlesto highlig
12:59 am
the take away forng is on and w at le it is not. look at this. this is th ond posted on all thingsuc takeatur number 2.akat the control panel is offering up not a lot. no time on the clock thee m and it doesn't appear to be,e ut the control room does not seem to be inf an k th plants and without any public the public the pr tepco, a man whoa tony haywa crisis has notd in not public public since march 13th. "the washington post" reporting ashi

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